The Six-Step Career Reboot for Busy Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Go-getters never stop going or getting. They set their eyes on the prize and they stop at nothing to get it. They’re the ones who reach their goals and succeed against all odds. They’re not afraid to try and fail; they look failure in the eye and defeat it.

If you’re a busy professional or business owner looking for an edge to move up in your career or industry, try a two-fold approach. Firstly, reduce stress to reset your motivation. Secondly, hit the ground running to achieve new goals. It’s easy to feel like giving up when your job is causing you stress. If you can learn to deal with it constructively, you can get past the roadblock and be on your way to upward mobility.

I. Self-Care

It’s important for busy people to practice self-care as a way to keep stress in check. Self-care benefits include improving self-esteem, increasing productivity, and bolstering the immune system. There are many ways to practice self-care, such as pampering with a massage and spa day, having a treat meal, exercising, cuddling, retail therapy, playing a round of golf, or even just listening to music and letting loose.

II. Retreat

Sometimes you need to get away from it all for a little while so you can reset your mind. You might find yourself burnt out after finishing a big project or working too many consecutive days. That type of situation calls for a vacation, but not just any vacation. What you might need is a personal retreat where you don’t answer any work concerns. If your entire team is feeling overwhelmed, perhaps it’s time for a company retreat where you work on team-building outside of the workplace.

III. Yoga

Yoga has many physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Got a back problem? Try yoga. Got an emotional problem? Try yoga? Got a work problem? Try yoga. Yoga is the answer to everything related to well-being because it’s a safe, low-impact workout that increases your balance and flexibility. What’s even better is that it balances more than just your body: Yoga also centers and calms your mind.

IV. Know Your Worth

There’s a good chance that you’re overworked and underpaid. Being undervalued at your job is not a good feeling, nor is it in your best interest professionally. Research average local salaries for your job to make sure you’re getting paid what you deserve. Request a meeting with your boss, and come with a proposal on why you should receive a raise or promotion. Be prepared to defend your case with performance metrics like data, goals, accomplishments, and results. If you’re self-employed, you have the power to set your own rates, so don’t settle for anything less than what you want. It’s okay to stay firm and potentially lose that client.

V. Find a Mentor

Even if you’re doing a great job, there’s someone else who has done it better and longer than you. Find a mentor in your industry—someone who is living your dream. Try one of these methods suggested by Entrepreneur for obtaining mentorship. Get ready to be active and social. Remember, these professionals are busy, so you’ll have to offer value in order to get their time and attention. You should be aiming to build a genuine, trusting relationship with them, not just a career connection.

VI. Make a Plan

Every smart business has a five-year plan, so yours should too. Write down your achievements, challenges, failures, successes, vision, goals, projections and plan. Goals are more likely to manifest if you have concrete objectives laid out before you. You could take it a step further by turning it into a business proposal that can be presented to prospective partners, investors, employers or mentors.

Talent, connections and brilliant ideas can only get someone so far in their professional life. You still need a productive state of mind and the willingness to continue despite the challenges being thrown at you. This can be you if you get out of your own way and find the spark to press forward.



Julie Morris

Life and Career Coach


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  1. Aika

    Love these tips! I’ll make sure to follow each one of them in order to move forward both in my career and personal life. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Nma

      Thanks Aika. Let’s know how they work out for you. Perhaps we’d learn a thing or two from your experiences.

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