This is an online platform embracing a number of initiatives geared at empowering the women and youth in African societies, and enhancing their wellness through a 360° approach such that positive change is triggered and sustained across their lifestyle, careers, cultures etc. It comprises forums aimed at addressing issues that African women, youths and start-up businesses are conventionally faced with, by engaging the society in entertaining, self-propelling, development-induced conversations and events. This platform also serves as a medium to showcase Africa’s rich, dynamic and sublime culture, real-life stories, businesses, art & literature, lifestyle and people, as they contribute to the journey to a better world.

This web space also features products geared at training clients on value orientation, goal setting & tracking, allocation of resources in business and organizational structuring of startup businesses in Africa.

Articulated in crisp language, we are positive you’ll find the following interesting:


As a youth, woman or start-up, you are primarily a multi-dimensional entity embodying a myriad of resources from which your capability to be limitless stems. However, lack of clarity, deficient value systems, ill-aligned cultures, divergent identities, emotional illiteracy, poor international integration and inadequate business resources create barriers to achieving this. You need TNE to provide you vehicles that can take you on a thrilling journey to attaining freedom from these strongholds and becoming the most deserving, productive and fulfilled version of yourself.


We utilize mentor-based, innovative, immersive learning experiences and resource-creation initiatives that propel Self-Discovery, Personal Growth, Inspiration and Insight, Value Re-orientation, Organizational Culture Change and Business Acceleration.


We write countless of articles, poems and prose on diverse issues in ways that are witty, relatable, intellectual, conversational and even satirical.

We curate content (prose, poetry, essays etc.) from writers all over Africa through The Ink Africa Project and address prevalent social, economic and entertaining issues while we’re at it.

We create vlogs and articles in which we create and curate product, business and destination reviews, interview world changing individuals from all works of life across Africa and teach fundamental and unconventional ideas and principles relevant to you and our society.




Nma is a young Nigerian management consultant, life strategist and writer whose passion for the progress of women and Africa constantly flows through her pen unto pages and hearts. She is enthusiastic about African talent and the development of African businesses into a force that the world can reckon with. She believes she is called to help people discover and refine themselves, conquer their challenges and adopt values and principles that enable them manifest and maximize their life purpose personally, in business and career.

She drives her agenda by creating immersive learning experiences through her views through random conversations with people, her writings (including literary works), training interventions and interactive live sessions with people whose stories she feels can change the present and future of others. She implores Africans to join her in telling our story, combating our plagues and recreating our world.

She is available for collaborations, speaking engagements and training for youth in Business, Careers and personal development.