Africa possesses a flush of rich culture, diverse resources, talented people but also deep-seated, multi-faceted challenges that are embellished by our most striking differences and collective interests. Many regard Africa’s problems as undying even as her people adapt and somehow, manage to outlive tragedies spun from century-old events and their legacies.Hearts ache at the inability to answer the question of where to start in creating sustainable change with a tap root deep enough to bear sufficient fruits that will feed the continent the revolution it needs. The story of woes abound.


But in this same Africa is the youngest population in the world, pulsing with infinite possibilities of progress and emerging legacies of world-changing events and narratives. Here in Africa, is a territory with ripe lands and a vast ocean of minds yet to be mined for the treasures they encapsulate. The hope that has marked the survival of Africans now thrums with new urgency for innovation and lasting change and the dire need for a people to take their place in the world as a generation who changed the course of civilization.


The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals present a crisp and comprehensive blueprint through which Africa can deploy her resources constructively to pursue and achieve multi-dimensional development of the continent and her people. The breadth and depth of the goals present an incredible platform that answers the questions of what, why and how sustainable change can be driven by emerging economies while allowing nations the freedom to pursue this change through the eye of their peculiarities and strengths.


This series shall explore free thoughts, stories and reports on how Africa and her people can and are actively exploring themselves and resources at their disposal to drive positive change through SDGs and other collective development agenda. The content shall be expository, narrative and even argumentative such that you are brought a nuanced outlook on how a people are being transformed through the interplay of 17 elements that culminate in a coherent, functional society and people.


We will be happy to feature guest articles, stories and reports etc. that are related to an African country’s journey towards achieving any of the SDGs, after procedural checks and approval. Please reach out to us via with whatever you consider worth sharing with the world and we’d be happy to work with you.



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